Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Walking the Path

It is one thing to talk in great length and verbose rhetoric how one should conduct themselves in life, yet it is an arduous challenge to actually live by the advice and follow on what they "preach to the choir."

Walking the path of the Warrior or the Knight is not as easy as people will assume that it is.  I say this not from my opinion, but rather from my life in which I have learned much on how walking the path is not a rosy path but a mountain climb to reach a great height.  Yet one asks the question, "Is it worth it all?  The challenges and the difficulties?"

The answer is yes.

Here is how.

If you recall from my blog post on True Chivalry, I mentioned a daily routine in which I put out an idea of what the modern warrior would practice on a daily basis.  Here I want to take a closer look at that routine, actions reveal the intentions and motivations of the mind. Here is how

When one wakes up from their sleep, the warrior wakes up with alacrity and with a mental renewing from the previous night the commitment to personal excellence.  This ought to be carried out in his daily routine which not only includes a high quality breakfast full of needed nutrition and protein but also in his time of meditation.  Meditation doesn't mean being in a sitting position making a chant or a hum.  Rather meditation can be a moment to remind oneself of their ideals and personal goals the individual wants to achieve.  Prayer, study of religious texts is a part of meditation or even time spent reading a book on ethics.  The time for meditation must be a time for the mind to be sharp and ready for the day ahead.

The typical day of the 9 to 5 work shift or the rush to get errands done in the early morning is the normal everyday challenge, but for the warrior, he or she would be prepared in advance by taking opportunities to take care the essentials of life so that the flow of the day is not interrupted with worry or apathy.  Errands can be taken care of depending on one's schedule, bills, the mortgage or rent,must be planned out so that everything is set in order.  There must not be room for disorder or mental apathy.

After work is done, when one has returned home, the body or mind are besieged with exhaustion.  However it is at this moment when the warrior lifestyle is seen more in action.  When one returns home, one ought to renew the body with a high quality dinner full of protein and nutrients to restore bodily strength.  It is at this time that martial training can be done (it also can be done early in the morning) and meditation following afterwards.  One could almost fall into the trap of amusement through the TV or Netflix, or social media.  However these things are a priority, the main priority is the maintaining of one's mind and its sharpening with wisdom, knowledge and understanding.  Afterwards sleep is the next natural thing to do, rest allow the sharpened body and mind to grow and to be activated upon waking up.

As the saying goes "Feed the body, nourish the mind."  That is what walking the Path of the Warrior is about, feeding the body the means so that when prowess or action is needed, you is ready.  When one nourishes the mind with learning, application and contemplating on the right things to think on, the warrior acts with honor, discernment and integrity.

You alone can start to walk on the path.  Do not be discouraged when you mess up or forget a detail in your daily routines.  That is part of learning the path and growing while you walk on the path.  Remember that you are not alone, and that you have that great potential to rise above the debased nature of today's society into the Knight of heroism that will leave a mark of legacy to your friends, family and everyone else.

Onward Brave Warrior!

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