Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Warrior Path

The Path of the Warrior: a single, lonely path.  One wonders why must one walk on a road filled with danger, loneliness and ridicule from the outside?  The answer is given here.

The Path of the Warrior has been practiced, applied, discussed and elaborated in many writings throughout many cultures in the world.  However, the definition of the Path has varied from the viewpoints of time and warriors that wrote down their wisdom for posterity.  I will not go over every source discussing on the Warrior Path.  I will however define here the Path of the Modern Warrior that is drawn upon the sources of True Chivalry (as mentioned in the last blog post).

The Path of the Modern Knight is a hard, arduous, demanding and difficult path.  What makes that so is that by living by the ideal of True Chivalry, one will expect themselves to face these things when walking in the path: ridicule, mockery, public or private rejection, depression caused by negativity and loneliness.  Yet one will ask, what are the benefits of walking the Path?  What do I get out of it?  The answer is this: a physically strong body and mind, purpose for one's daily activities and goals, vision for one's life, the ability to protect those one loves and cherishes in a cold and unforgiving world, and wisdom that benefits the individual with discernment, understanding, knowledge of self, courage, honor, integrity, faith to vision and purpose, generosity, gentleness, mastery of self and mind.

One may ask, "How does one get all this?"  The answer: not overnight, but through a journey called life.

Walking this path by itself is contradictory to what today's society and culture accept as normal, allow me to elaborate.  Society today deems it acceptable to pursue your carnal pleasures at the expense of of a dollar or website or a walk to the local club with no regard to the opinion of others.  The Modern Knight however does the exact opposite, he does not pursue his carnality rather he pursues perfection of self and excellence in his conduct towards his wife, his family, friends, conduct at the job or in private.  The Modern Knight will forego his flesh bound desires, seeking to maintain pure faithfulness and loyalty to his wife, family or ideals.  Society today believes that as long as you have wealth, fame, success and the right connections, you are free to do what you feel like doing even if another person doesn't like it.  The Modern Knight keeps in perspective that he as a single individual does not have the liberty to do what he feels like doing, he knows in his heart that what he does must be for the benefit of those he cares for and he knows that pleasure is a fleeting sensation on a physical basis, the Modern Knight derives pleasure from being the helping hand for those who cannot help themselves whether physical or mental, and by giving selfless love to the woman who holds his heart.

Yet one will ask, "How does one go about walking the Path of the Modern Knight?"  Here is the answer.

Walking the Path starts with small actions that lead to life changing choices.  An example of a daily mental routine for the Modern Knight will look like this:  5AM Wake up to work out, 6AM Meditation, Breakfast and Shower, 7AM Review calendar, House cleaning, 8PM leave for 9:30 shift.  After work: 7PM Dinner, 8PM Meditation, 9PM Martial Arts training, 10PM Book Reading, Bed.

This may look small, if not somewhat demanding in today's hustle and fast paced world, however when seen via action, the changes as portrayed by the actions speak the difference for itself.  The practice of book reading, meditation, martial arts training, working out is what is emphasized rather than the popular activities of the TV, Netflix, video games, Internet cruising etc.  The motivation behind the popular activities is comfort, ease, desire of personal time to rest, and pleasure.  The motivation of the Warrior Path is betterment of self, increase of academic and practical knowledge, refinement of martial prowess, sharpening of sense of morality.

Yes this all sound daunting, it was for me when I made my failed attempts, but from each failure, I learned and improved to where I am now.  It is good to make yourself a better man, a better warrior because by walking the path, you show to people the best aspects in you.

By practicing life living like a Warrior, one makes themselves an improved man and a force to be reckoned with.  The question that is laid out for you is this: are you willing to take the first step on this path?  For the sake of comfort, I am here to help you walk that path, you are not alone.

Onward Knight of Valor!   

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