Tuesday, November 7, 2017

On Vision, Noble Cause and Purpose

Throughout the study of Sir Geoffrey de Charney's "Book of Chivalry" I have used the words "Vision," "Noble Cause," and "Purpose."  Yet most people would assume or have the thought that I may not know of what I am speaking of.  Or some might comment that I am making up an interpretation based on a historical text with no relevance to the present time.  I want to answer to these objections by defining the three terms I have mentioned.  


Vision is define by the individual and not necessarily by the community or following (though there are many examples of visions for various communities or groups).  I define the word "Vision" pertaining to the Warrior where he/she is aspiring to an ideal that is within one's reach.  A vision that a Warrior will and ought to have is to live their life by the Way of the Warrior in which they build a legacy of Heroism, Virtue and Honor day by day and passing the mantle of that legacy to one's children or disciples in the Way of the Warrior.  The Warrior's Vision is not a dream in  which fantasy is greater than reality nor is it a spiritual experience which could be mistaken for a state of euphoria.  Vision for the Warrior is the goal within reach such as leaving an impact on his/her family or disciples or living by Honor when all around him are wallowing in vice and hypocrisy.  Vision is attainable insight which can be achieved, understand this.

Noble Cause

In today's times, we have many organizations for Charity or followings to advocate social justice or pushing for political rights for those who are deemed the "unworthies" of society.  Yet the Warrior is an individual who is not embroiled in the mire of politics and slanderous arguments.  The Warrior fights for and seeks the fulfillment of justice done on behalf of those who are unable to fend for themselves or who are suffering as a result of following their convictions or sense of honor.  The Warrior seeks and fulfills the need of Justice not with poster signs, or a signature on a website, or a vote, or even a drop of a couple of dollar bills in a donation box.  Rather the Warrior utilizes his/her resources and connections to help those suffering.  The Noble Cause for the Warrior, is the cause of upholding those suffering from injustice from a community or within one's town or city.  The Noble Cause for the Warrior is standing up for Virtue when it is not convenient or politically correct.  The Noble Cause for the Warrior is advocacy for the concept of Honor to be restored to Society and Culture.  The Noble Cause for the Warrior is fighting against the World by living a life of Honor and Virtue.  


This word has been given many definitions over the years and yet for the Warrior it means more than function or objective.  Purpose for the Warrior is goals for self improvement and self education in which the Warrior must be engaged and actively practicing on a daily basis.  Self betterment is defined as activities that help the Warrior to inspect his/her character and look at their flaws and seek solutions to fix those flaws by means meditation, daily self accountability and seeking and applying the wisdom of Warriors or Men who live their lives by Honor.  Self education is the Warrior engaging in activities that better his/her head and practical knowledge.  Such activities range from reading texts on Ancient Wisdom of the Stoics, of Warriors in History or texts on Wisdom written by Warriors such as De Charney, Musashi etc, and martial arts philosophy books which are of benefit to the Warrior.  Both components of self betterment and self education work together in which self education leads to self betterment and vice versa.  

With these terms now defined, I hope that you my readers can understand not only the meaning of my commentary in the study of the Book of Chivalry, but also a better understanding of the relevancy of Warrior Wisdom and why the Way of the Warrior ii vital to live a successful and meaningful life.  

Brave Warrior, know the vision you have for your life, know the Noble Cause to fight for, and know what is your Purpose in your daily life and in your self refinement. 

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